The Academic Board is central to the academic life of the College.

Functions of the Academic Board: Its functions as contained in the enabling edict are: directing and management of all academic matters of the College such as regulation of admission, organization of examinations, determination of students’ performance subject to the regulation governing the award of Certificates, Diploma, Scholarships, Prizes and other Academic Distinctions.

It is the Academic Board that determines whether or not a student is to proceed from one level to the other. It decides whether or not a student repeats the session or withdraws from the course or courses.

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The Bursar is the Chief Financial Officer of the College and shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the financial affairs of the College and be answerable to the Provost.

Functions of the Finance Department

The finance department receives money on behalf of the College from any student or other persons attending the College for the purposes of tuition, boarding fees and any other approved fees as the Council may determine from time to time.

PROCEDURES FOR PAYMENT: The student goes to the bursary for collection of details of payment. Further details can be obtained from the student’s department.