Section 31 sub-section 8 of the College Law 2006 provided for the establishment of the College Sick-Bay to be headed by a qualified Medical Doctor, who is a Director. The Director of Medical Services is answerable to the office of the Provost.


The College Sick-Bay has as its main objective, the administration of the College Sick-Bay and the coordination of the College Health Medical Services

Medical Services

The Kaduna State College of Education Medical Unit provides the following services:

  1. Consultancy Services to Staff and Students of the College
  2. Issuance of sick leave certificate to both Staff and Students
  3. Issuance of maternity leave certificate to female staff of the College.

Consultancy Services: consultation is from 8:00am — 2:00pm. Staff and students who wish to receive medical attention must obtain a card between 8:00am — 12:00pm daily from Monday to Friday. Out-patient consultations end by 2:00pm on the days mentioned above.

However, emergency cases are treated 24 hours every day including weekends.

The College clinic can handle common ailments such as malaria, typhoid fever, uncomplicated hypertention, diabetes, minor cuts, bruises etc. Minor surgical procedures such as appendectomy, herniorrhaphy, incision and drainage, repair of laceration can be performed in the clinic.

Every student is expected to pay a medical fee during registration in order to benefit from the above services

Medical Treatment

All medical treatment given to a dully registered student attracts no payment except for surgical procedures. Students are expected to pay a subsidized amount during surgical and other related procedures. However, any bill incurred by a student outside the College Medical centre shall be the responsibility of the student.