1. The Governing Council: – This is the highest governing authority in the College. Its membership is drawn from all over the state, the College and the NCCE. It is based on a variety of experiences and expertise. The function of this body is to supervise, in general terms, all the affairs owned or received by the College by way of government subvention, grants, fees, etc.
      1. Council members
        The council comprises of the following members:

        • Chairman: who is appointed by the Visitor
        • Five ex-officio member names:
          • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry if Education or his designated representative.
          • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance or his designated representative.
          • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology.
          • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice.
          • The Provost of the College
        • Two members to be appointed by the Visitor who shall represent local/community interest.
        • Two other members as follows:
          • One person to be elected by the Academic Board of the College to represent the said Board.
          • A representative of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).
      2. Committees of the Council
        The Council has two sub-committees, namely:

        1. Finance and General Purpose (FGPC) Committee: is responsible for overall Council direction on expenditure in the College.
        2. Senior Staff Appointment, Promotions and Disciplinary Committee is responsible for recruitment, promotions and discipline of senior staff of the College subject to the approval of the Council.