The Student Affairs Division is under the office of the Provost and is headed by a Dean. The Division has three major units: Accommodation, Guidance and Counseling and Sports Unit. Student Affairs Division deals mostly with aspects of the informal education and the extra-curricular activities of students.

Objectives of the Student Affairs Division The main objectives of the Kaduna State College of Education Student Affairs Division are to:

  1. Promote educational and leadership experiences that prepare students to serve their communities and respect the dignity of all persons.
  2. Create a compassionate, safe and vibrant residential campus community of choice.
  3. Respond to students’ needs and plan programme for campus life.

Services Provided

Student Affairs Division has the oversight function of all students’ general welfare. This Division provides direction, guidance and encouragement on extra-curricular activities and services, including all aspects of life in halls of residence. Students also receive valuable assistance from this Division on different matters including:

  • Orientation for Fresh Students
  • Hostel Accommodation allocation
  • Hostel Services and Management
  • Students Associations’ Registration
  • Students Union Government Elections
  • Students Union Government Elections — Executive, Parliament & Hall Governors
  • Supervision and control of students’ union activities including publications
  • Counseling and Career Services
  • Regulations and protection of students’ rights
  • Issuance of Clearance to graduating Students
  • Students, disciplinary matters and Security of Life and Property
  • Liaises with the management and other officers of the College on students’ matters or issues.

Orientation for Fresh Students: The Student Affairs Division is usually charged with the duty of organizing orientation for fresh students. The content of the orientation indicates the College’s central concern which is to ensure that fresh students are not only assisted to become familiar with their new environment, but more importantly, this is done this essentially within the framework of inculcating the vision and the mission as well as the core values of the institution into their fresh students using the philosophy of “catch them young”.

Students Disciplinary Matters: A Student Affairs Officer is the statutory secretary of the Students Disciplinary Committee which oversees students’

disciplinary matters. Although the secretary does not participate in meetings to expunge an offender from the consequences of their offence, he/she nonetheless, has the significant obligation to ensure that the proper procedure is followed before dispensing any disciplinary measure.

Students Security (Life and Property): Although the primary duty of providing security to the life and property of students and staff alike within the College community is that of the Security Unit. There is an extension of this responsibility by the Student Affairs position of catering for student’s welfare.

Hostel Services and Management: Once the student check into the accommodation provided for them, the next most important thing is to ensure that the students get the basic services such as water, electricity, a clean environment etc.

Counseling and Career Services: The Student Affairs Division has a counseling/career unit with a directive to address the uncommon and odd

challenges encountered by students. This unit has Professional skilled and experienced officers saddled with the responsibility of handling students’ academic, emotional challenges that require prompt attention.

Regulations and Protection of Students Rights: This is a composite directive that guides the academic life of a student in an institution. It is usually referred to as the Academic Regulations. These regulations regulate the conduct of students and staff alike. Consequently, the Students’ Affairs is committed to advocating for students in situations where actions of staff run contrary to the regulations and harmfully affect a student’s academic participation. This advocacy could involve a scenario where a student who has duly registered his courses, has a conflict in the examination timetable on some of these courses. If he draws the attention of the lecturers involved and both fail or refuse to aid him through adjustments, then the student may seek the assistance/intervention of the Students’ Affairs Division.